Emplamold - Shaping Solutions
Emplamold: Shaping Solutions
Specialized in injection of technical parts in thermoplastics
Specialist in Technical Appearance Parts
More than 30 years of experience.
Tooling and Complete Laboratory

Our Solutions

More than 30 years of experience in the market
Founded in 1990, Emplamold was born from the market's need for companies that provide innovative solutions in thermoplastic injection.
Technology and
Always seeking to improve processes, methodologies and technologies to ensure the quality and satisfaction of our customers.
Specialized technical team for better service, focusing on always in continuous improvement and problem solving.
Constant search for qualification and training of our employees, so that we can add value to our processes

About the Company

Founded in 1990, Emplamold was born to meet the market's need to have strong partners in activities aimed at the engineering plastics and tools transformation sector, and that add value to customers.

Through its specialization in thermoplastic injection, throughout its history, it has conquered, in its more than 30 years of experience, important customers and partners for the construction of technical expertise, robust and efficient processes, and innovative and intelligent solutions.

About the Company